Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I might like to collect you.

Do you know how birdwatchers keep a life book of all the birds they have seen?  Yeah they have a book and they write down the name, the date, and the bird and they do this for every new kind of bird they spot.  I am starting a life book of all the expensive cars I have passed stuck in traffic.

So far I have collected:

Corvette (need to figure out where to draw the line, Corvettes are kindof cheesy but they make so much damned noise they are hard to ignore)
Porsche Carerra, Boxster, whatever  (barely qualifies in this company but with Corvette making the list had to stick it in)
Tesla (I actually kindof like these)
Ferrari (exceptionally loud)
Antique anything (exceptionally smelly)
Fisker (a very giggly name)

I am hoping to spot the elusive Maybach.  Maybach is one of the most expensive cars in the world but it looks like an over-sized Ford Escort which makes it hard to pick out of the pack. 

Also I want to get some additional granularity by tracking car model.  I don't like cars so mostly they all look the same to me but if I can learn to spot the car's model I can annotate my car-stopped-in-traffic book with:  "June 9, 2012, corner of Sand Hill and El Camino:  one BMW L7, one BMW LUSR" instead of simply "two BMWs."

There should be a notes field, of course, for interesting items like "listening to an ipod" or "texting his mistress" or even "rolling right through a stop sign."   You know, all that illegal stuff that people who drive cars pretend only bicyclists take part in.

I'll try and get some pictures because that would be fun.  Snap a picture while some lard-ass preens and smirks at me and then I post it to a bicycling blog with HAW HAW HAW for the caption.


  1. Then there's sports-car minivans. Porsche makes a big puffed-up thing called a Cayenne. Maserati is making a "Kubang" (haha!). Maybe you don't want to count those since they are so hard to tell apart from all the other SUVs.

  2. Wow that Maybach is quite the thing. It comes standard with a TRUNK-MOUNTED UMBRELLA. Haha! One of their models is a half-convertible. Convertible for the passengers in the rear, closed-top for the chauffeur in front. Except for that one, you are right, they pretty much look like an over-sized Ford Escort.

  3. I reckon that this is going to be one mighty thick book by the time it's finished....!!


  4. The mark of a true "life lister" is that you just say the number. 287.

  5. So now you just need a Rolls, a Jag, and Aston Martin and a Bentley!

    I saw a Delorean once and it was pretty cool, I've got to say- looked like Stainless Steel origami.

    There's a lemon yellow Ferrari that I see fairly often on my commute, and he is actually a very considerate driver- he followed me for over a block, giving me plenty of space until he could pass safely.

    The one time I saw a Maserati, I thought it looked a bit like a Ford 500, so it didn't really do much for me. I was actually quite shocked that it was a super fancy car, because it looked so normal.