Wednesday, July 18, 2012

omfg! so digusting! almost died!

Do you know how, when you are on a bicycle and riding in traffic you pay a lot of attention to noise and movement around you as you try and predict if someone is about to run you over?  Yeah, that.  So yesterday I am riding home and I hear this loud honking noise and I look to my left and see:

A Guy in a shoddy red 4-door sedan with driver side window rolled down has blown his nose into his hand and before I can tear my bleeding eyeballs away I see him proceed to lick the results of this nose-blowing off his hand. 


PLEASE people, have a little consideration?  I was so grossed out that I pedalled the rest of the way up Charleston (not the safest road under the best of circumstances) with the dry heaves.  I didn't barf but it was a near thing. 

And, I decided, once my stomach had stopped turning over, that's it.  I quit.  The cars win.  I'm going to throw in this whole bicycling thing.  I'm going to purchase the biggest Hummer I can find and paint all the windows black.  Then I'm going to drive navigating purely by GPS.  Sure I figure I'll go over a few people but if it saves me from ever having to see someone blow their nose into their hand and lick up the snot afterwards I think it is totally worth it. 


  1. OMG! I wish I hadn't landed on your blog just as I was sitting eating a cheese roll, lol. I feel quite sick now.

  2. I think it's the worst non-violent thing to happen to me on a bicycle ever. I kindof regret foisting it off on the rest of the world and I only managed to make myself sick all over again. <--- complicated apology re: your lunch.

  3. While navigating by GPS you should also be texting and shouting at the talk radio to ensure maximum inattention.

  4. Can you just get a google car to do the driving for you? ;)

    I'm afraid that's one of the grossest things I've heard of. Although I will admit that when you started that sentence, I was afraid that he was going to hock that lugie out the window and into your path/face. Which actually is probably grosser, so it's good that I was wrong.

  5. I thought exactly the same as 'cycler'... That would have been far far worse....You would have been 'stuck' with more than the memory of what happened..LOL