Thursday, March 27, 2014

well, that was depressing

Q:  Are you still a bicyclist?
A:  Yes.

Q:  You stopped writing?
A:  Yeah a bit.  The aforementioned friend died after the long illness.  My friend's daughter had a severe complication during labor and it looks as if the baby is brain damaged as a result.  I found all of this sobering.

Q:  And now?
A:  I'm in less of a dark mood.  I am excited that my favorite route to work which is seasonally closed may be open for bicycle business again in a few weeks.  

Q:  Anything interesting to report?
A:  I've seen a lot of car accidents in the past months!  They all roughly translate to "I was driving too fast and I hit another car and now I'm very sorry."  As I bike by the people standing next to their crumpled vehicles I think "I hope you learned something from this experience."  


  1. Two things, if I may. If you had to choose between not riding and not writing, you made the right choice. Also, I don't think you saw any "accidents", although you might have seen "crashes" and "collisions".

    Come On, Hashtag-Work-With-Me, "accidents" is exculpatory, pre-forgiveing, and implies that the event was inevitable, not worthy of study, can't be mitigated, and brings no responsibility or liability.

    1. Riding my bike to and from work gives me the confidence that no matter what happens, I will make two good choices.

      So agree on accidents. Shows the state of my head that I let that through.

  2. I'm really sorry about your friend's death, Chafe, and about what happened to your friend's daughter's baby. It's a long struggle to come to terms with these things.

    As for the car crashes, people seem peculiarly impervious to learning when it comes to matching the way they drive to the consequences. But let's hope they learn something.

    I hope things start to brighten inside your head as they brighten outside.


    1. Thanks!
      Whether I agree or disagree, some things just are as they are.