Wednesday, February 23, 2011

that guy the other day

My commute takes me along Middlefield as far as East Meadow where I need to get over to the far left lane so that I can take a left.  This means crossing two lanes of fairly fast moving traffic.  After considerable trial and error I concluded that it was better for everyone if I did this sooner rather than later so I consider the light ahead (green?  green arrow only for the left?  red arrow?  red for everyone) and then signal and then check my rear view mirror and then turn my head to actually peer over my shoulder and then if I think it's safe I cross the first lane and then the second and then work my way into the left turn only lane.

The cars may be surprised to hear that I try and time this so that they do not miss their "I'm going straight!" green light.  I do though.  Happy cars are cars who are good to bicyclists and I make a concerted effort not to get on their bad side.  

On this instance though, I hesitated too long as I tried to figure out of an approaching Jeep actually saw me and was actually yielding.  It was.  We both arrived at red lights.  His for going straight and mine for taking a left.  I felt bad about this.  

I glanced over my shoulder to see if the driver looked angry and I saw that the window of the Jeep was down and the driver was just kindof sitting there nodding along to the music.  On impulse I said "I'm sorry about your missing the light."

He looked over surprised and then laughed and said "No worries.  It's a beautiful day and I'm in no hurry."

Biking in the bay area can be Quite Nice.  

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  1. I totally agree. Most people around here are nice to bicyclists. Prolly a combination of good bike lanes, wide roads, and good weather.