Monday, September 12, 2011

a first. a first for a second?

I know that history repeats itself.  I know I'll have more bummers with cars in a rush, more terrors with drivers texting and more wet seats from 16 wheelers bleeding over into the bike lane because they've been on the road for seventy three hours ....but I had not considered that I would have yet another run-in with this guy.

1.  Same maroon Prius (the colors of shit and death)
2.  Same spot, the right hand turn lane from Rengstorff onto Charleston.
3.  Same asshole move.  I'm in the lane for the right hand turn (because go figure, I want to make a fucking right hand turn) and this ugly motherfucker behaves as if I am invisible and nearly crushes me to death.
4.  Same moronic vanity plate.  HYBRIDE.  Oooo.  I tremble at your wit and your environmental generosity.

My memory is excellent which is why when Shit'N'Death turns into a parking lot I know he's blowing off the mild traffic at the red light on the corner.  He cuts across the parking lot and heads out the far side.  Douche.

So let's get a few things straight Mr. I-Drive-Like-a-Gangrenous-Testicle-on-Meth:

I don't like you.  You don't see me because I'm small and beneath your notice but I sure as fuck see you in your dumb ugly car.  That big roll of fat around your neck stippled with patchy beard looks like someone dipped a bagel in a vat of pubic hair.  You don't have a face so much as a neck that's exploded.

You're disgusting.  We all hate you and on some level?  I think you know it.  And that's why you're such a mean prick.


Chafed (marriage has not changed her entirely)

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