Friday, February 3, 2012

Far Away

I'm on this message board composed of people who complain.  I'll stop here while you try and get over your surprise.  The topic of complaint, earlier this week, was crappy drivers.  Specifically a resident of NYC was excited to get home because he would no longer have to deal with those horrible Norcal drivers.  The next message was from a resident of Massachusetts trotting out the usual material on "Massholes."  A lively debate ensued as to where the worst drivers were located which degenerated quickly into who had the grossest homeless people.

There was no clear winner.  I don't like drivers anywhere so I definitely had no horse in the race but I watched with lackluster eyes because I know that conversations about bad drivers inevitably turn into general rants about bicyclists who run red lights.

Blah blah blah.  Personally I think running a red light is kindof lame for a bicyclist, sets a bad example blah blah blah but the truth is that red light running bicyclists just cause car people a pain in their genitalia because the bicyclists are doing what the car people for the most part can't quite get away with.

And indeed the conversation turned to those horrible bicyclists and how they run red lights and how awful they are in NYC, Boston, and San Francisco and the debate became who had the worst bicyclists.  For your edification:

Norcal drivers:  annoyingly slow.
Norcal bicyclists:  stupid
NYC drivers: crazy but smart
NYC bicyclists:  smug and well-dressed
Boston drivers:  fast and dangerous
Boston bicyclists:  flaunt the law

A bicyclist friend of mine had this contribution to make:  "Those bicyclists are awful.  I hope they all get what's coming to them" and he posted the following video.  I personally think it answers any questions people might have about bicyclists who run red lights.

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  1. Painful to watch, but fair, I think. Even more reason to treat every intersection as if someone is going to run the light or fail to yield, whether you are driving, riding, or walking. The guy in the yellow shirt crosses the street like I ride my bike.