Saturday, February 11, 2012

these mist covered mountains

The job worked me like a horsie this week past, day and night, which makes for not a lot of opportunity to write things down and post them here even though (as always) it was an interesting week filled with the ridiculousness and triumph and calm of bicycle commuting.

The sky was all shades of beautiful blue this week.  It was the dark endless and cloudless blue of tranquility.  It was the thin pale blue that fades into the horizon.  It was the clear blue dotted with tiny lamb clouds.  It was blue with a deep shroud of grey on one side and a coming storm.  I do not ever get tired of the sky.

Friday and I'm at my desk probably being baffled by something.  This guy I know to be a bicyclist (actually same guy who shared the "run the red light video") makes a circuit past my desk and then another.  He asks me something work-related.  He hesitates.  Then he says "were you hit by a car today?"  I think and shake my head.  "Nope.  Not today."  He looks relieved.  "Apparently a woman pulling a Burley wagon was hit on Shoreline.  And I know you have a Burley and so I was wondering if it but I thought "she looks okay, not limping or anything...""

So there you have it.  I have much to catch up on but no, it was not me who was hit by a car on Friday.  And from what little I can determine, both bicyclist and wagon made it through that encounter in good shape.

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