Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, Monday

1.  My well-exercised bicycle needs new gears and chain. Contraption Captain is looking for the parts as I write.

2.  Saw a license plate frame that trumpeted "MIT" and thought to myself:   Graduated from MIT.  Can't keep car between the white lines on the road.

3.  Realized that my 8 year old could be bicycling to and from school by herself if American drivers were not such insufferable bastards.

4.  Yelled at a Palo Alto woman who was driving a Tundra or a Tahoe or an Everest or an Annapurna or whatever it was "You big fat idiot!" because I had been terrified that she was about to kill me.  At the next traffic light she rolled down her window and said "I'm not fat"  and I had to explain that I was talking to her car.

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