Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the patient is currently anaesthetized

I don't take good care of my bicycle and I am mostly unapologetic.  Back when I was a horse person I had a friend who was a superb rider and a human of the highest ethics.  She took excellent care of her horse and she never put her gear away in any shape other than spotless.  What happened?  Gilbert, the horse, came down with a freak infection that killed him in about twelve hours.

One reason that I have moved from horses to bicycles is that it's easier to swap the parts out when they fail.  My bicycle has been feeling "bad" for more than a few days and since I am pretty oblivious to anything but poorly behaved cars and lovely California weather it's probably been in a steep decline for awhile now.

Ultimately I asked Contraption Captain to have a look and today he came home with new gears and chain.  Cross your fingers that all goes well for my bicycle because if it needs to convalesce tomorrow I'll be stuck riding three tons of Extracycle.

My dirty crippled bicycle.  Don't be fooled.  This is what a well loved bicycle looks like, not a neglected one.  Neglected bicycles are shinier.

New gears.

A supremely dirty bicycle gets some attention.


  1. Ah photos what a rare occasion! Whats that thing dangling off your seat?

    1. It belongs to the Contraption Captain =) =)
      Ok ok. It's one of the normal-looking seat packs, square and attached. Not two huevos bounding along ;-)

      I took it (the bicycle, not the Contraption Captain) for a test ride last night and I am definitely back in business and ready to tangle with the other wannabe roadies!! Woohoo!

    2. There are few things I do for the Invisible Visible Woman that earn me as much gratitude as when I degrease, clean and lubricate her bike. You're lucky the Contraption Captain has more advanced mechanical skills than I do.