Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the parking place, it burns!

I pulled into the parking lot today alongside a Civic in a big hurry.  I watched with mild interest as the driver slid their car into a parking place clearly marked "Expecting Mother."

I've been an expecting mother (twice) and I personally don't think of an unborn baby as a medical condition except for those unfortunate people who experience complications and do end up with a medical condition.... at which point I think the handicapped spots are more appropriate.

Still I was a little surprised to see a large man with the shoulders of a football player get out of the car.  I said softly "You don't look pregnant.."

He turned to me.  What had I said?

I repeated "you don't look like you're expecting..."  Then I indicated the parking place.

He laughed.  "Oh.  Oh that!"

Yes, that.

The guy was in a big hurry, was in fact "already six minutes late for a very important meeting" he explained apologetically and then added meaningfully,  "You know how it is."

Actually I don't know how it is.  I wheel my bicycle through the lobby and drop it off in an empty worker bee cube.  I'm late plenty often but I never have trouble parking my ride.  

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