Thursday, April 28, 2011

same thing we do every night, Pinky.

Today is Take Your Child To Work Day.  Sparkle Pony went to school as usual, per her request.  She informed me (very politely) that although she would love to come in and join the festivities it's non-trivial for her to catch up missed work.  Rapunzel still feels that missing a day of school is within reach, however, and so I registered her with the event.

We had a thoughtful discussion about how we would get there.  It's about ten miles each way which is too far for her to bike on her own.  I don't like the trail-a-long wheel and actually gave ours away.  It always feels as if it is tipping to one side or the other.  This leaves us with the Burley wagon or the Extracycle.  Yes yes I have a car but we didn't even talk about that, who wants to take the car?  Ewww!

The wagon is a mellower trip for Rapunzel.  She can play with toys.  The Extracycle allows for more cameraderie and it is slightly faster.  She chose the Extracycle.

How was it?  It was great.  I love biking in with her and no one spoiled the day by running us over with their car which I totally appreciate.  Unlike the other hapless parents who had to drive around the block looking for a parking space we rode right up to the door and then found a shady spot under a tree to lock up.

Not that anyone would steal the Extracycle.  I'm not sure anyone could even ride my version of the Extracycle beside myself.  It's made from an old Specialized Rockhopper that had already seen a lot of hard use, the gears have gotten pretty funny.  I'm putting in an older picture of myself and Rapunzel going for a ride, to protect our privacy I've artfully concealed our identities.

Rapunzel's seat and handlebars are all the work of the Contraption Captain.  The basket was my idea but anyone paying attention probably figured that out already.  There's a drink holder in there but no place for Rapunzel to rest her dainty feet, that came a little later.
This thing is a Beast.

I had the Beast locked up outside a toy store one day when I was making an extreme Polly Pocket run and when I came out with Rapunzel there was this old grey totally local (aka super fucking rare) Palo Alto resident looking over my ride.

him:  "That yer bike?"
me:  "Yes, it is."
him:  with profound admiration "That thing is sooo ...gypsy."
me:  speechless with pride for a moment "thank-you so much!"

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