Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What is annoying:  Roadies who can't accelerate.  Roadie is at a red light.  He can't do a track stand so he is inching forward hoping the light turns green before he goes critical.  Maybe he gave up and unclipped.  Light turns green and with agonizing slowness he rolls forward, apparently still in top gear.  If he actually unclipped it will take him (or her, both genders are equally guilty) the next five minutes to get his shoe clicked in because he does it in the super slo-mo generally reserved for football replays. 

What is yucky:  Chunky roadies who wear blue spandex that has big sweaty blocks all over it and they won't let you go by even though they can't seem to get past the 17mph mark.  I'm looking at you middle-aged guy on the white Cervelo whose shorts were so tight I was reminded of a balloon with a string around the middle.

What is so disgusting I almost lost my lunch:  Bicyclists who cover one nostril with one finger and blow snot out the other side.  I can't believe I have to say this people.  USE A FUCKING HANKY.


  1. "balloon with a string around the middle" Nice.

    Because I'm a realist I run a triple on my road bike. Sometimes I remember to drop out of the big ring at stops. Not very often though. I'm an expert in the "Stationary-pick up the back end-one legged pedal and shift technique" while the light is red. In my mind that seems less ridiculous than rolling out from a dead stop in big ring- little cog like you describe. It's really a pain in the ass on the recumbent.

  2. I admit to being average at launch although I'm improving.

    Otoh I never block other peole from getting past me either. Contraption Captain and the Tour Easy come out of a red light like a horse with it's tail on fire. He's totally honed this skill and loves to blow past the roadies who can't believe they were just smoked by a giant recumbent bicycle.

    Ah good times ;-)