Thursday, October 27, 2011

What makes being caught at a red light a win? The ky00t! The ky00t makes it all ok!!

Two or so days back I was minding my own business, pedaling home from work.  Ahead I see the Oregon Expressway intersection.  I see that the light is green.  My heart sinks a touch but I begin pedaling my sorry ass off.  This light is very short and unless I am right on it when it turns, it's pretty well impossible to clear.  But there is a salient exception.  If a pedestrian punches the button for the walk signal, the light is far longer and I can clear it from a ways back.  And I can't tell if the walk signal is on until I get close in one of Pavlov's dogs I sprint whenever I see green.

I do not make the light.  I'm not entirely sorry as the bicyclist in front of me does not make the light either, and even from a distance I can tell that he has something interesting going on and I wonder what it is.  From the back his ride looks almost like a Brompton, small wheeled.  But it does not look like a folder and it's rider, a very tall older gentleman does not look like he just got off a train.  The bike also appears (it is hard to tell from the back) to have a giant basket mounted to the front. 

When I arrive I discover that there is indeed a giant basket on the front.  And in the basket is a cute little dog.  I say something like "Cute dog!" and then I think of my non-readership and ask if I can take a picture.  The nice man says "yes" so I snap a quick pic.  The light turns green and we all continue our travels.  When I last see the dog (her name is Daisy) she is leaning forward, happily sniffing the air and her ears floating back in the breeze --- kindof like your typical roadie really. 

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  1. If meeting up with another cyclist isn't enough to make a red light worth it, certainly a supplemental dog does the trick!