Friday, December 14, 2012

spent day at home throwing up. then I really got something to be sorry about.

Ob.bicycle moment:  despite throwing up all afternoon I biked the one mile to Pele's school to pick up her math homework as Pele is out sick also.  And.  Math teacher forgot to leave it out for her.  Thanks for not rocking my world Mrs. C.

My head hurts and I can't eat I barf up anything I swallow.  I pick up my tablet for a diversion and read that there has been a shooting.  I figure it is a re-hash of the last shooting in Oregon but as I peer through tired eyes I see that this is totally fresh material!  It is a shooting at a school and twenty kids are dead.  That's forty destroyed parents out there and I don't know how many siblings and grandparents and friends.  It is a situation entirely without merit, without redemption, without a silver lining.  If this were a changelist I'd roll back the changes and fire the person who wrote the code and the person who did the review.  If this were a car I'd slash the tires.

My favorite favorite book is Black Swan Green.  This is the book I read when I can't face the world and the book I read when I lose sight of what is important.  This is the book I read when I am forgetting what I came from and what I am trying to become.  This is the book I read when someone walks into a school and kills twenty-seven people immediately ending all of their hopes and all the hopes everyone had for them.  When I see a bicyclist do something stupid and a car veer at them and curse and shout there is one line from this book that I think about.   I consider this line to be an endless and essential truth.

Not hurting people is ten bloody thousand times more bloody important than being right.


  1. Amen! Hope you are feeling better soon!

    1. thank-you ;-)
      how go things in your neck of the woods?

    2. All good, if you ignore the spring cold making it's way through the family :D Getting hot these days on the afternoon ride home, so no matter how slow I go, I end up in a lather. Sometimes I wish I worked till after dark so I could ride home under the stars...then I snap out of it and rejoice in being able to go home at 4! With xmas just around the corner, I'm dreaming about a new bike from Workcycles, but I'll probably just settle for a new saddle...

    3. did the new bicycle happen?
      here I ride home at night but stars are hard to see because of all the light pollution :/

  2. Chafe,

    Rather belatedly, I've blogged about the links between road safety and the events at Newtown here: While I rationalize it, however, you're right there's no upside. It's just a miserable, avoidable tragedy.