Monday, December 31, 2012

what I am hoping for in the new year

1.  That I not be run over by a car.
2.  That my bicycle not be stolen.
3.  That my husband and kids do not get run over by a car.

...everything else is pretty much cake.


  1. Do you or your family behave in such a way that getting run over by a car is likely?

    1. Depends on who you talk to. We are all bicyclists. The data is not really good enough for me to say if that is enough to make getting hit by a car likely but I certainly worry.

    2. Research in the UK suggests between two-thirds and three-quarters of bike/car crashes are predominantly the motorist's fault. So, while one has to do one's best to be careful, to an extent one's at the mercy of the motorists. I wrote about risk assessment (a subject that I know is close to Steve A's heart) a little while ago here:

      Fundamentally, though, cycling is a safe activity and will reduce your chances of suffering heart disease, stroke and some cancers - the things that really kill large numbers of Americans.

      So Happy New Year, Chafe.

    3. I keep doing it for sure. I love bicycling. That link is not panning out for me, can you check it?

    4. Chafe,

      I apologize. The link should have read like this:

      All the best,


  2. Thats a good New Years wish. Best to you and yours Chafed.