Friday, April 5, 2013

the diversity is the message

Something I like about bicyclists is tat they come in lots of different flavors which means if you encounter a bicyclist you do not like, say a fashionista riding up the wrong side of the road or a roadie bullying pedestrians well..go ahead and pick another one off the bicycle tree.

just a few types of bicyclists:

mommy bicyclists on their way to yoga class with baby in a wee-rider
daddy bicyclists herding their children to softball games on the weekends
athlete bicyclists training for triathlons and road races
just you and me bicyclists on their way to work
college student hipster bicyclists who are totally self-conscious
migrant workers riding beat up bicycles into town
little kid bicyclists, totally unpredictable but also very cute
high school bicyclists more looking at each other than the road
unicyclists doing it with one wheel
tandem bicyclists, couples riding together
retired person cyclists on their way to the bookstore or out to visit friends
recumbists who have back problems and can't ride a diamond frame
Contraption Captains who can't figure out why anyone would voluntarily ride a diamond frame
people who build their own bicycles from spare parts
people who spend more on their bicycles than the sum national debt of Guatemala

So yesterday I bicycle home and meet up with the Contraption Captain and after successfully crossing El Camino Real (go us) we see this guy up ahead and since he is conveniently walking his bicycle we pull over to talk and check out his ride.  I asked if I could take his picture and he kindly said yes.  Nice guy, if you see this and want the picture removed, just email me.

Ever seen a cat take notice of a bird or mouse?  The cat doesn't immediately move but it's entire body becomes silently taut with focus and attention.  The ears shift fractionally forward.  The cat pours all of it's attention into looking at the bird.  That's the way the Contraption Captain looked at the wheels on this bicycle.

The tire were almost as big as car tires.  The bicycle itself set the guy back ~200 usd at WalMart although he's made a few upgrades since then.  Unfortunately he had a flat, but not caused by any special design issue, he had a screw embedded in the poor thing and was walking home for a repair.

Who needs a fun bicycle?

Everyone needs a fun bicycle.

The fun bicycle is the one you ride.

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