Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What's the ugliest thing about you?

What's the ugliest part of her body?
Margery Eagen says there is "no more road to share."  Apparently Boston's streets are just not wide enough for cars and bicycles alone and we know what that means, it means we must ban bicycling in the city because Boston is totally full.  No room at the inn.  Joseph and Mary can go find another city because this one is FULL baby.

Some say it's her nose!
According to herself, poor the old Margery has been driving "forever."  Forever I tell you!  She got out of her car just long enough to breed and divorce.  The rest of the time has been spent in her Toyota.  Margery finishes her short, boring and self-important troll bait by saying "this is not about disliking bicyclists or disliking bikes. This is about ever more bicyclists trying to “share” roads with cars when there’s no room to share....This is about denying reality."  I really appreciate her clarifying that for us.  It must be very peaceful to live in Margie's reality where the highest levels of C02 in millenia and melting glaciers and disappearing polar bears and Maldive Islands don't exist.  She doesn't mention motorcycles, is there room for motorcycles?  She doesn't mention sidewalks - time to axe those as well?  How about homeless people?  

I mean really, what does Boston not have room for these days?  
(a) Aging Catholic biddies with long yellow teeth (curious, did she get one of those dispensations from the Pope for annulling the marriage?  Did it say she was a virgin?)
(b) Toyota Sienna Minivans
(c) Bicycles

I picked (a) and (b) myself and poof.  Turns out we don't need Marge or her car to have a great city.

You do need bicyclists to have a great city.  Bicyclists create community.  They spare the air.  They talk amongst themselves.  They don't need much parking.  They take up way less room than Margie's minivan.  They make the city a better place for people other than themselves.  

Some say it's her toes....
Reality is a funny thing.  There is the reality of a boring old white woman who writes hack pieces for a dying old media rag and has been driving "forever."  During that time she has dumped her carbon crap all over Massachusetts a state that has some very attractive features.  She has lived way the fuck out in Fall River but commuted to wherever she felt like, oblivious to the impact of her behemoth metal ass on the people who live where she pollutes.  Her reality is that the streets are narrow in Boston and there is only room for Large Marge and her car.  That's the reality that says "if it's good for me, it's reality.   If you're a bicyclist well, go eat some cake?"

What's the ugliest part of her body?  I think it's her mind.


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  2. Thanks Chafe - from an annoyed Boston bike commuter. Pretty discouraged by the comments to her article too.

    But I wanted to add that my experience with drivers is 99.9% positive. Not at all like the replies to Margie's story.

    1. I like to think of the Marge-alikes as being the death throes of a dying breed. They struggle hardest when they are closest to extinction. If we hang around maybe we'll learn that she's been smoking crack with her friend the Toronto mayor.

      Very glad to hear that your area drivers are treating you with respect.