Saturday, March 26, 2011

my bicycle is a dirty bicycle

I keep my bicycle indoors at work, parked outside a cubicle that no one uses.  I like the idea that it can count on being dry for at least some part of the day and it is always a good day when your bicycle doesn't get stolen as you slave in the salt mines of technology.

Yesterday when I went to collect my bicycle to go home I noticed that there was a neat silhouette of dirt on the floor around the wheels and underneath the bars.  As the poor thing had dried clumps of plant matter had fallen off of it, kindof embarrassing.  At the bicycle safety volunteer event I was the one with the dirty chain.  On the other hand I was also the one who had actually ridden my bicycle to the event.

It's true that I don't invest a lot of time in cleaning the thing.  A big reason for this is that I am very busy riding the thing.  In a perfect world, my bicycle would be spotless and ridden a ton.  As it is I would much rather have a bicycle that is ridden hard and put away wet then a bicycle that sits in the garage:  spotless, virginal, and unloved.

If your bicycle is sitting in the garage try this:

1.  check the tires and fill them up with air
2.  dust off the saddle
3.  fuck the weather! get out there and ride your ass off!  come back hot and dirty and tired and feeling like a zillion bucks!

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