Saturday, March 5, 2011

ob. safety

1.  Do not wear dark sunglasses.  No one can see your eyes which means no one can see what you have failed to notice.
2.  Your bicycle should have working brakes.
3.  A rear view mirror is really helpful if you ride in traffic.
4.  Don't wear headphones.  It tunes you out.
5.  Make eye contact.  Then you can be sure the cars (and bikes) see you.
6.  Communicate.  If it is their turn to go and they are hesitating, gesture nicely that they may go, that you will not commit suicide against their passenger door.
7.  Do not lose your temper.  It makes them angry and they take it out on the next bicyclist they see.  Your beautiful body is revenge enough.
8.  Do not lose your temper.  There is direct correlation between people who beat their wives and people who are road ragers.  That means if you flip them off they see red like a Brahmin bull and they turn around and hit you repeatedly until you are just bloody pulp.  It's not worth it.  I mean it.
9.  Use good lights at night.  White goes on front and red goes on back.  PLEASE.
10.  Don't be a statistic.  It gives the cars way too much satisfaction.  Do what you need to get out there, have fun, and be alive.

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