Wednesday, March 9, 2011

thanks but please don't do that

I'm biking along a relatively straight road, no bike lane but enough room, close to work and considering the day ahead when I notice that the car who has just passed me is contemplating a right hand turn.  They signal and then slow down and come to a stop.  But they don't turn.  They realize they've passed a bicycle and they see me in their side mirror and they know intuitively that I might at any moment accelerate up to 40mph (I'm badass like that) and commit suicide against their passenger door as they execute a right hand turn.

So they wait.

I do not accelerate to 40mph and I do not commit suicide against their door.  However two other cars who entirely expected the first car to complete a right hand turn are stuck behind car 1 waiting for that turn and wondering if it would slow them down a lot to ride over me to get past car 1.

There are lots of nice drivers in this area, and I appreciate you looking out for me, I really do.  After a lifetime skirting the rages of Massachusetts drivers it sometimes just about makes me cry to see a Californian looking in their rear view mirror so that they can be sure I am not killed when they make their right hand turn.

But it's ok to do your thing also.  Be confident, be thoughtful, above all be predictable.  Signal.  Check for my location in your mirrors.  Make your turn gracefully on a normal schedule. 

In return I promise not to commit suicide against the passenger side door of your car.

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