Friday, June 10, 2011

did you steal that car?

Early on in my commute there is an intersection by a Safeway that has a four-way stop.  As I approach it this morning, I see two cars approaching, one of whom gets to the 4-way before I do and stops and then I get there and come to a stop also. 

The car, a generic white sedan-thing hesitates, apparently wanting to offer me the chance to go first.   Why?  Because this is California and (some) people are nice.  The car behind the white car, a red Mini, leans on the horn.  HOOOOOOONK!  HONK!  HONK!  HONK!  HONNNNNNNNNNNNNK!  White car gives me a look and I wave as I try and communicate, "you should go, it's cool!"

The white car goes through the intersection.  Now it is definitely my turn.  The red Mini revs it's engine roooAARR! ....but hey, it's a Mini, and besides, it's my turn.  I go through the intersection. 

The red Mini steps on the gas and drives by me and then cuts in front of me and comes to a dead halt because despite all the drama it's a short piece of road that ends at a red light.  Hey whatever.  I don't care.  It's Friday and the weather is beautiful and I'm on my bicycle and I did nothing wrong.

On my right is the white car.  I glance over.  It's a guy who looks kindof like a Mormon.  Suit and all.  I look at the red Mini idling in front of me.  The woman behind the wheel is making rude gestures at the white car and snarky faces at her kid passenger.  It is now that I notice her license plate.  Wait for it...


HAHAHAHA!  That is so hot!  Joyous, get it!  Cause this car is so fucking filled with JOY!

The light is still red as a small Mini with an attitude.  I knock on the window of the white car.  Mormon rolls it down.  Looks a little worried.   Is this bicyclist coming after him too?  Probably doesn't help that I'm wearing the Daisy Dukes I decorated with fake fur. I point at the Mini's license plate and say "not so "joyous" today, mmm?"  and the guy's nervous face goes away and he's laughing also and together we laugh and the light turns green and we go through the intersection and the white car turns right and the red Mini and I turn left but then I don't know what happens as car traffic is bad and the Mini gets stuck at the next light whereas I head on through (no bike lane traffic) and continue on to work.

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