Wednesday, June 22, 2011

why a blog when everyone knows that facebook is where it's at

1.  Because Facebook is lame.  There is no way I can work up a full blown complaint about anything in such a teensy window.
2.  Because I have all these thoughts as I pedal to and from work and some of them are...angry thoughts and writing about it feels great.
3.  None of my friends ride bicycles.  I love them but I need somewhere private to complain about all the mindless terror stories they send my way:  "Bicyclist cut into two pieces by large semi.  Photo attached.  Police unable to determine if bicyclist was wearing a helmet at the time as head has not yet been located." ...with a little note included saying "just your age!  And isn't this quite near where you ride?"**
4.  Because I have happy thoughts and since I don't know any bicyclists other than Contraption Captain (who has been very patient) I don't have anyone to tell who gets it.
5.  Because Bike Snob is very very awesome but he's totally wrong about mothers who bicycle and he's totally wrong about people who ride recumbent bicycles.***
6.  Did I mention that Facebook is incredibly lame?  My friends say "but it's so nice for staying in touch!"  Why stay in touch with what someone (who I barely know) ate for breakfast?  Let's not be sheeple people!

** I exaggerate.  A little.
***There's no reason to be scared of recumbists.  Anyone who rides a bicycle like that has a charming and well-developed sense of humor.

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