Tuesday, June 21, 2011

more crazy scary old people

Yesterday evening the Contraption Captain and I were pedaling home together after our respective days in the office.  We were both solidly in the bike lane and riding close together so we could share our varied trials and tribulations. 

An intersection was a good ways ahead of us, far enough that we were not even considering red or green lights.  Car traffic to our left was heavy rush hour stuff.  We were passing cars on our left but I suddenly became aware that a car ahead of us had a wheel in the bike lane.  We got closer and instead if moving out of the bike lane they moved abruptly and scarily into the bike lane entirely.  I hit the brakes and yelled something. 

The car continues, half in the bike lane and half of it in the car lane and now it wants to pass (on the right) the cars in the car lane.  Not enough room.  It moves so far into the bike lane that the left side tires are screeching along the curb.  It's such a surprise and so unpredictable that it's terrifying. 

The driver just does not see us.  Or anyone else. 

I see that it is an elderly woman and I say something like "that's dangerous!  you're in the bike lane!  watch out! mental illness, dementia!" and finally "you're TOO OLD TO DRIVE"

I can smell the burnt rubber from the tire.  We get to the intersection with the other cars trying to get out of the way and Old Lady turns in to this place.

I got sympathy for elderly old people on fixed incomes trying to get to the food store.  At this place though?  It's time for Miss Daisy to hire herself a chauffeur. 

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