Friday, June 24, 2011

in praise of pretty and fashionable bicyclists

When I first read about the Beautiful Godzillas I knew exactly who Bike Snob was referring to, as I see a few of these young and proportionate females every day on my way in to the office.  I actually told one of them that she was the "best dressed bicyclist in Palo Alto."  She inclined her head in regal acknowledgement.  This Godzilla's bicycle was a delicate beige, her hair was long thick neatly trimmed and honey blond.  Her little fashionable slipper-like shoes coordinated nicely with her turquoise wheel set.  I have a theory that she has a stable of Townie bicycles that color coordinate with different outfits. 

Two days ago I was pedaling home from work, in a bike lane.  Up ahead I saw a young women on a small bicycle coming towards me, riding up the wrong side of the street.  She had what I think is called strawberry blond hair.  Her skin was a pale pink-gold, very pretty.  She did not directly acknowledge an ugly slob like myself but some faint tension around the wings of her tiny delicate nostrils made me think that she was concerned about my running her over.  Fortunately she was moving so slowly that I had a lot of time to consider the traffic to my left, find an opening, step out of the bicycle lane, and pass her safely. 

Today I headed in towards work and yet another young female rolled out into the road and headed down the hill towards Sharon Road.  She was nicely, her pants coordinating simply but effectively with her old model upright.  She had her bicycle helmet slung over her handlebars in case she ran into a situation that called for protection. 

The thing is, I feel fine about these bicyclists.  I've never had one come close to hitting me.  Sure it's not uncommon to see one riding up the wrong side of the road but they're never traveling very fast and they are definitely not out to make trouble, they're just a little naive.  If you have beautiful godzillas in your neighborhood (I prefer to think of them as The Pretties) you probably have a reasonably safe place to ride as they aren't a group who enjoys discomfort. 

What else do I like?  They give the guy bicyclists something to look at.  It's a sad situation out there for the guys.  Spandex covered girl roadies are so en-swathed in goggles and lycra and helmet that they might as well be male, also they are traveling so fast it's hard for the guys to get a good look at them.... and there aren't a lot of girl roadies to start with.  The Pretties, in contrast, coast gently along, never breaking a sweat, allowing for even the doughiest male to feel like Lance Armstrong. Their soft hair curls gently around their shoulders and without even trying (it seems) they give every male within a thirty mile radius something to pedal towards.

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