Sunday, June 12, 2011

the weather is incredible. you could be here too.

Californians are smug about their beautiful weather.  Having lived with weather that was consistent with the seventh ring of Hell I am not complacent.  Every amazing day is to be enjoyed.

Rest_Of_The_World "The sleet is coming down in giant sheets of Ragnarok Hell."

California "Lalalala....Tra-lala.  Shall I put gomasio or nutritional yeast on my sprouted brown rice today..."

Rest_Of_The_World "You won't be laughing when you all die in a massive earthquake!!"

California "Which affordable and delicious California red shall I enjoy today.  Hmmm....did you say something?"

Rest_Of_The_World  "The humidity is so heavy that my house is coated in a thick fur of mildew.  A mosquito carried away my Siberian Husky."

California "I will now watch the new Katy Perry video on my not-yet-released smart phone."

Rest_Of_The_World "You'll cry when that mudlside takes away your ugly ranch style house that you can't afford!"

Today was (yet another) beautiful day.  No clouds.  Deep blue sky.  No one gets skin cancer because we have special California electrolytes in the water..  and the bicycling is beautiful.

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