Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I went away for a nice vacation but now I'm back and (mostly) in a good mood

Vacation photos are boring (if they are not yours) and so I'll spare you.  The only salient piece from a bicyclists point of view is that this was the year that I went bicycling with both kids and no one was riding in a wagon or on an extracycle.  [insert long they grow up so fast blah blah blah]

How was it?

Pretty cool.  I chose routes for safety, preferring bike lanes and good pavement.  There were no close calls and I have no fresh bald spots, it felt great to be out like that, the three of us enjoying the California weather, enjoying the world we could reach with our pedals. 

We noodled around neighborhoods.  We biked downtown, chained up our rides, got ice cream, did some window-shopping and rode home.  On one occasion I locked up the 7 year old's bicycle by the side of the road towards the end of a long (steep) ride and carried her the rest of the way on the Extracycle.  Contraption Captain swung by with his own bicycle once he got off work and picked hers up.  Easy stuff.

It's always going to be scary having them out there but I love seeing them pedaling along and...life in a car is not free of risk and life in a car is so...constrained.

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  1. Chafed,

    Your blog is fine without pictures. It's always a good read -keep it up. On second thought I wouldn't mind seeing a pic of you in your fake fur daisy dukes. :)