Sunday, June 12, 2011

so, Chafed, don't YOU ever screw up? a matter of fact yes, I do.  I like to think I screw up somewhat less than I used to when I was younger and more impulsive but there's no objective data on the matter.

Incident #1 of.. probably quite a few depending on whether or not there is a statute of limitations on this stuff.

It is maybe two years back.  I was bicycling home from work.  I was a little distracted, how come?  Not sure.  Maybe something troubling had happened to the network I work on, maybe I was underslept maybe I was just randomly behaving like an idiot but for whatever reason I approached the traffic light outside of REI and it was green but as I got closer it turned yellow and then, well before I got to the light, it turned red.  Without giving the matter much (any) thought I bicycled right on through this red light.

There was a bicyclist who had been waiting for that light to turn green and was now waiting for an idiot bicyclist (that would be me) to get out of his way.  The guy gave me a look that clearly telegraphed "what the fuck are you DOING?"  I looked back and telegraphed "I have no fucking idea what I'm doing.  Sorry!"

So, to that guy?  I'm sorry.  I should have stopped and I still don't know why I ran that light.  I wasn't trying to screw with you.  I had no plan.  I'm generally pretty serious about red lights.  My brain just didn't engage enough with my eyes and my feet stayed overly engaged with the pedals.

To anyone who thinks that the above should make me write a blank check to those automobiles who continue driving along wen they hit a red light?  No way.  Those asshats risk turning a person into a thin puddle of grease on the pavement.  When I get distracted I just risk turning myself into a thin puddle of grease.  Lucky for me life (in this instance) went on.

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